Knauf Therm Expert Fasada EPS λ 32

Knauf Therm Expert Fasada EPS λ 32


External thermal insulation is carried out using the “slightly damp” method (BSO).

Filling expansion joints

Insulation of balcony loggias

Thermal insulation of frames and window sills



KNAUF Therm EXPERT Facade λ 32 graphite panels are manufactured in accordance with EN 13 163 + A1: 2015 and have the code:


EPS –EN 13163-T (1) -L (2) -W (2) -S (5) -P (10) -BS75 -DS (N) 2-DS (70, -) 2-TR80




about 30% less board thickness compared to conventional expanded polystyrene (the ability to use the board on balconies and loggias without significant losses in preserving living space)

higher or equal thermal insulation of the slab with a lower thickness compared to conventional polystyrene slabs.

λ D Thermal conductivity W/(mK) ≤ 0,032
Shape Rectangular or milled
Dimensions 1000 x 500mm max
mt.: 4000 x 1200mm
Weight [kg/m3] 12,5
Fire resistance Self-extinguishing
Fire resistance class E
Flexural strength level (kPa) BS 75 ( ≥75)
Tensile strength at force perpendicular to the surface (kPa) TR 80 ( ≥80 )

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