KNAUF Therm EXPERT Fasada λ 31

KNAUF Therm EXPERT Fasada λ 31


thermal insulation of the floor under the prefabricated slabs

floor insulation

floor insulation on the ground

thermal insulation of solid and ventilated flat roofs

floor insulation in underfloor heating systems

base for walls and roofing sandwich panels with roofing

Insulation for walls and roofing sandwich panels with roofing.


KNAUF Therm Expert facade / roof / floor λ 31 Styrofoam panels are marked with the following code in accordance with EN 13163: 2012 + A1: 2015

EPS –EN 13163-T (2) -L (2) -W (2) -S (5) -P (5) -BS125-CS (10) 80-DS (N) 5-DS (70, -) 1 – 100 TR

Permissible operating loads according to EN 13163, D.2 – 24kPa, t.y. 2400 kg / m²



Made from innovative raw materials enriched with graphite composition.

Higher thermal insulation compared to white polystyrene with panels of the same thickness

The smaller thickness of the panels allows for a more complete use of auxiliary rooms, such as loggias and terraces.

λ D Thermal conductivity W/(mK) ≤ 0,031
Shape Rectangular
Dimensions 1000 x 500mm max
mt.: 4000 x 1200mm
Weight [kg/m3] 13,5
Fire resistance Self-extinguishing
Fire resistance class E
Flexural strength level (kPa) BS 100 ( ≥100)
Tensile strength at force perpendicular to the surface (kPa) TR 100 ( ≥100 )

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