Knauf Therm Expert HYDRO EPS 100 λ 31

Knauf Therm Expert HYDRO EPS 100 λ 31



For thermal insulation of underground structural elements

Waterproofing protection against mechanical damage

Drainage (with extra wool)

Thermal insulation of ETICS skirting boards (formerly “light wet” method or BSO)

Destruction of linear cold bridges

Thermal insulation of terraces, also “green” (no car traffic)


Standard name:

EN 13163: 2012 + A1: 2015:

EPS –EN 13163-T (2) -L (2) -W (2) -S (5) -P (5) -BS150-CS (10) 100-DS (N) 5-DS (70, -) 1-WL (T) 3.5

KNAUF Therm EXPERT Hydro EPS 100 λ 31 polystyrene foam boards are recommended for use in places where the working load does not exceed 3000 kg / m2


For correct use of panels on underground building elements, functional waterproofing must be applied to their surface.




The panels are manufactured to shape, not cut from the block, which guarantees their high repeatability and dimensions, as well as increased hydrophobicity.

LARGE PANEL DIMENSIONS 1200 x 600 mm – significantly speeds up installation

Made from innovative raw materials enriched with graphite composition.

Higher thermal insulation compared to white polystyrene with panels of the same thickness

The smaller thickness of the panels allows for a more complete use of auxiliary rooms, such as loggias and terraces.

Fine mesh and limescale on the surface make it easier to cut and lay the panels.

The system of drainage channels ensures the drainage of water and moisture.

The panels are resistant to humic acids in the soil.

λ D Thermal conductivity W/(mK) ≤ 0,031
Maximum installation depth underground [m] до 3
Shape Milled
Dimensions 1200 x 600
Possible thicknesses [mm] 100, 120, 150, 180
Fire resistance Self-extinguishing
Fire resistance class E
Flexural strength level (kPa) BS 150 (≥ 150)
Compressive stress level at 10% relative deformation [kPa] CS(10)100 (≥ 100)
Manufacturing technology Formed
Water absorption after prolonged immersion WL(T)3,5 (≤ 3,5%)

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