Styrofoam roofing wedges EPS 80 λ 37

Styrofoam roofing wedges EPS 80 λ 37


Sloping flat roofs with slopes up to 25 °

Thermal insulation of the roof surface under any waterproofing layer

reservoir and stagnation

stopping the formation of dust, silt deposits and, as a result, the formation of algae and biological life

stop the aggressive action of microorganisms


Polystyrene roof wedges are manufactured in accordance with EN 13163: 2012 + A1: 2015 and are marked with the code:

EPS 80: EPS-LT 13163-T (1) -L (2) -W (2) -S (2) -P (5) -BS125-CS (10) 80-DS (N) 2-DS (70 , -) 1-TR100


Polystyrene slope wedges for profiling flat roofs. This is a specialized product manufactured at the customer’s request according to the submitted roof project with a designated drainage method and design slope. At the request of the customer, we laminate the wedges with a roof layer.

Preparation of drawings and documentation in accordance with the submitted roof design, as well as cutting and marking of elements for easy installation on site.

EPS Type EPS 80
λD Thermal conductivity W/(mK) ≤ 0,037
Overall dimensions [mm] For each customer individually
Compressive stress level at 10% relative deformation (kPa) CS(10)80 (≥ 80)
Fire resistance class E
Flexural strength level (kPa) BS 125 ( ≥ 125 )

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