Foam cutting

Foam is an integral part of the manufacturing industry. Foam is used in furniture manufacturing, the automotive industry, interior and exterior design, sound insulation and many other applications.
If you need specific foam shapes that you can’t buy in advance, we are here to help. We offer a high quality foam cutting service that will meet everyone’s individual needs. We cut foam in a variety of densities, both conventional and recycled.
2D cutting
2D foam cutting is the process by which a foam block is cut into the desired size and simple geometric shapes.  Various furniture parts, mattresses, acoustic panels. Foam can be cut into a different shapes to be used in advertising, set design or creative projects. We can help you create unique and striking visual solutions, such as icons, logos or a variety of three-dimensional objects. It’s a fast, high quality and, above all, accurate solution for your needs.

3D cutting
3D foam milling is a process that uses special 5-axis CNC milling equipment. This method produces a wide range of complex and highly detailed shapes. Depending on the specific requirements of the project, 3D foam milling offers the possibility to create innovative designs and architectural elements. These can be decorative objects, sculptures, interior details or surface finishes. 3D milling allows the creation of complex shapes and forms tailored to individual requirements.