Forming polystyrene foam on CNC machines

Polystyrene foam is easy to use, easy to cut, stored, does not emit harmful substances. Polystyrene also has other outstanding properties: sound insulation, thermal insulation, low flammability, non-toxicity, durability (depending on the density of the polystyrene used), etc. Various products made of polystyrene foam will help to decorate the facade of the building, surprise buyers with original 3D billboards and figures. Polystyrene does not load the walls, it is of good quality and durability. Products of various shapes, custom-made. Products are manufactured from polystyrene foam blocks according to the technical data, drawings, samples or other information provided by you.

Spheres of application of expanded polystyrene:

  • decorative finishing of building facades;
  • internal interior;
  • production of exhibition stands, showcases, models;
  • advertising platform (production of outdoor advertising, volumetric letters, silhouettes);
  • heat insulation of pipes;
  • cutting expanded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene (curly cutting); production of meaningful letters;
  • styrofoam packaging;
  • props;
  • and many other directions.